Purchased a Home in West Hills, CA

My family and I are moving into our ‘forever’ home thanks to Kristin Alonso. The list of our must-haves was lengthy and the area we wanted to find a home was specific. My husband and I work in opposite areas of LA county so our home search was concentrated in the valley. We found Kristin at an  open house and our first impression of her was very strong. She was friendly, open, knowledgeable of the area., and not overbearing. After a few conversations, we asked Kristin to help us find a home. She really listened to our list and offered suggestions and advice when we needed it. Kristin also was not afraid of saying she did not know the answer to a question and consulted her colleagues. Her honesty about every aspect was very refreshing it was clear that our interests and comfort were her priority. She was very reachable and communicative and exceptionally positive and truthful about every situation. We inundated her with questions and shared lists of our must-see houses on the weekends and was available to go with us. Her presence was helpful because she has a realtor’s training and a parent’s eye. During our bidding and buying process, she was strategic and thoughtful and showed up to our inspections and guided us through the mounds of paperwork. We had a small hiccup during escrow and Kristin smoothed out the communication problems. One of the escrow contractors noted that she had a really positive attitude. Her attitude really defused any stressful situation. Kristin is an advocate for homebuyers. Anyone who works with her will know that she wants the best for her client.

— Stella & Ben